Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bargains Galore!

The kids are officially out for summer starting this Thursday and I have lots of summer projects lined up for myself while the weather is beautiful and time is abundant. I did some Goodwill shopping over the weekend and found some great bargains. Take a look!

We've been looking for a chair and ottoman to fill the open space in our formal living room for quite a while, but I just wasn't willing to spend hundreds of dollars on a new set. I found this set at Goodwill for just $29.99! Unfortunately, the fabric clashes badly with our existing furniture so I'll have to recover it. I'm willing to be patient until I come across a great fabric sale! Hopefully, I'll have some "after" pictures to share with you before summer is over!

I also found this filthy looking toy box. Looks grody, huh? Upon closer inspection, I saw that the structure of the toy box was sturdy and in great shape. It even has the nice hinges that prevent the lid from smashing little fingers. Some new padding and fabric will make it better than new. The best part? I paid $7.99 for it. I love Goodwill...

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